AE1155E-212-J7 AE3440Y-AA1A Tecumseh refrigeration compressor
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AE1155E-212-J7 AE3440Y-AA1A Tecumseh new refrigeration and air conditioning compressor.

  • Model AE1155E-212-J7, AE3440Y-AA1A replaces model AEA3440YXA
  • 3900 BTU
  • 115 volt
  • Polyol-Ester lubricant
  • Rated for 134a or equivalent
  • Tecumseh refrigeration, chiller compressor for True , Hobart and other brand equipment
  • Item #: C501

Tecumseh AE1155E-212-J7 AE3440Y-AA1A Refrigeration Compressor

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